March 30, 2023

Alan D. Miller

The remaining week of the old yr was loaded with ups and downs. Up the stairs to evaluate for crown molding, down the stairs to slash it, back again up the stairs to install it and measure the following minimize, and then down once again.

The least expensive I went, other than to the basement of Daughter No. 2’s new-to-her outdated residence for applications and supplies, was to commit a day on my knees stripping blackened varnish from her eating home floor.

But then I soared up to a new substantial on New Year’s Working day by fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions: to straighten up my basement workshop and workbench. I’ll appear back again to that shortly, but initial a minimal additional about the work at our daughter’s home.

She acquired the century-old residence in July and has completed at minimum as a great deal in 6 months as her mom and I did in virtually 30 years of performing on our latest aged dwelling. It is a testament to her eyesight, arranging, fortitude and tricky perform.