June 5, 2023

At Brit + Co, we are head over heels obsessed with interior design, and that love of style truly extends to our team. The other day, some of my colleagues and I took this interior design style quiz to discover our individual home styles, and had so much fun sharing our results over Slack. The quiz is *scarily* accurate, and totally predicted the styles we each have in our own homes!

So of course, we had to learn more about Cristina Cleveland (the designer who created the quiz), her methodology behind it, and the styles we each got in our results.

“I created this Style Quiz because I wanted to help my design clients and friends identify their personal style, but the quizzes I’d taken had never really hit the mark,” Cristina told me. “‘Eclectic’ always felt too broad and names like ‘traditional’ felt too limiting; I think everyone actually enjoys a mix of styles and time periods, so I tried to reflect that in the Style Profiles.”

As someone who has taken style quizzes for years and always got “eclectic” as my result, but never totally matched with the boho design recs, this hit home for me.

“I gave (the Style Profiles) names that people could easily picture in their mind’s eye,” Cristina continued. “Then I made my IGTV series Home School to help people solve their biggest design challenges in a way that fit that personal style, rather than trying to copy or emulate a look from Pinterest or Instagram.”

Consider our interest piqued. Here are the results our team members got when we tool the interior design style quiz! Even beyond these three styles, there are still other results to explore. What Style Profile will you get?

Alison + Claire: Pop Arcade

Both Creative Director Alison Ives and Graphic Designer Claire Shadomy got Pop Arcade as their Style Profile. Considering these two are both uber-creative and design-oriented, I don’t think it was a coincidence that they have similar interior design styles!

“If you got Pop Arcade, you’re a collector who enjoys expressing your personality through your quirky finds and unconventional color choices,” Cristina said of the style. “Your dynamic vision and love for fun accents can make it difficult for you to find cohesion in your space. You’re inspired by the bold and creative shapes of the 1980’s Memphis design school, today’s playful wiggle trend, and postmodern furniture.”

We love the colorful, optimistic, playful vibes of Pop Arcade. They’re the perfect combination of youthful and refined.

Chloe: Pottery Studio

For Assistant Editor Chloe Williams, the best fit was Pottery Studio. Full of textural, earthy finishes and creamy neutrals, this style definitely sets a mood that many people will want for their home and workspaces.

“If you got Pottery Studio then you want your home to be a calming retreat where over-stimulated minds can recharge,” said Cristina. “Your biggest design challenge is finding the balance between your tranquil vision and your real-life stuff. Your color palette may be neutral, but you keep it interesting with pieces that have loads of texture and curvy, organic shapes.

We don’t know about you, but we think these spaces look like the perfect places for R&R, creative recharging, and self-care.

Maggie: Museum Bookstore

As for Senior Editor Maggie McCracken (that’s me), I got Museum Bookstore. The moment I saw this title, I knew it was going to be a good match for my personal style! Considering I would literally love to live in a museum, a bookstore, or a mid-century library, I was very much okay with this result.

“If you got Museum Bookstore then you’re inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design, and you want your home to feel like your favorite place: museum gift shops,” Cristina told me of my style. “Your biggest challenge is displaying your books and belongings in a way that feels artful and intentional, and less like clutter. You may be drawn to mid-century furniture, but you like to mix in pieces from other time periods so it won’t feel dated or too one-note.”

Since I’ve learned of my result, I’ve definitely given more thought to ways I can “warm up” my space with some softer edges, book organization (guilty of leaving them strewn around my house), and pieces from other periods than the Mad Men era.

Did you take the interior design Style Quiz yet? Tell us what result you got on Instagram, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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